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Hardcore? Casual? Screw it, I’m just getting drunk.

by on October 18, 2012



It seems to me as if the WoW fanbase is constantly at odds with the development team over to whom the Devs focus on pleasing. It only takes a quick search on the forums to see dozens of posts from hard mode raiders accusing Blizzard of catering to casuals.  Posts complaining about the difficulty of the content, while not as common as it was around Cata’s launch, seem just as prevalent.

It makes me wonder where all of this disappointment is coming from.  With a subscriber base at or around 10 million players it makes sense that any one player could feel as if their voice was not being heard.  There is an easy fix to this universal problem; find something you enjoy in game, or cancel your subscription.

I, for one, really enjoyed the difficulty of the Cata heroic 5-mans.  Wiping repeatedly on Ozruk, only to finally down him and loot my much needed weapon upgrade, gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride.  The part that bothered me was when I felt as if I had to spend more time tanking my party than tanking the boss but that is the nature of grouping with random players.

Something like the below was not all that uncommon:

[Asshat Hunter]:  OMG the rouge is only pulling 9k!!1!  My rouge in the same gear pulls 34k.  Kick this N00B.

or on the rare occasion that I would DPS an heroic I would see:

[DK Tank]  Anyone who is below me on Recount after the first boss is getting kicked.

(This is based on an actual event.  Funny story, we were running Grim Batol heroic and after the first boss the tank posted damage done but instead of posting for the boss he used the overall value which includes damage done by drakes /facepalm)

Now I have always had the opinion that I didn’t want to let others ruin my good times.  I feel that allowing some random d-bag to raise my blood pressure over a silly game was granting said d-bag far too much power over me.

All in all I would encourage players to just try to find something compelling and enjoyable in game or for god’s sake just log out.


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