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What’s my Luckydo? More bag space please.

by on October 31, 2012

One of the most frustrating feelings as a casual player is not having enough room to keep all the oddities one finds while questing though Pandaria.  Tons of flavor rewards (with little practical use) have been clogging up my bag space ever since I made it to the harmonious island.  Thankfully, I’ve discovered a quest in Kun-Lai Summit that alleviates the congestion a bit.

No Pack Left Behind tasks horde or alliance characters with retrieving 8 Grummlepacks from Camp Broketooth or The Deeper.  Simple enough but the reward far outweighs the efforts, Grummlepack is a 24 slot bag that will be a considerable upgrade for most casual players (like me.)  Compare, for example, to other bags like Portable Hole or the largest generic Cataclysm bag Illusionary Bag (both requiring a significant cash expenditure) and you can easily see the appeal of spending ten or so minutes punching hozen in the face.


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