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Announcing a new Addition to the team at “Casually Hardcore”!

by on November 2, 2012



We’re adding to the family here at “Casually Hardcore.”  Sometime soon™ loyal readers should expect to see some entertaining posts from the Mute Assassins resident lazy boomkin:  Dialectetus.  So if you have any interest in putting up acceptable DPS numbers while completely ignoring all theorycrafting, standard rotation priorities and class design intent stay tuned.

Keep your eyes glued for more upcoming additions including the possibility of posts from the worlds preeminent drunken tank and perhaps even from the most subtly mogged shaman in the history of WoW

  1. Why is Sometime soon trademarked? Why is anything trademarked for that matter? (Stupid IP). And why can’t my lazy-ass make this do? You’re doin’ it wrong.

  2. Yeah, it’s because ….. push your dang buttons! That’s why.

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