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Four Rules for Pleasant Tripping….er…PUGing

by on November 6, 2012

In a moment of sychronicity: I was listening to an interview with neurologist Oliver Sacks on NPR whilst reading today’s Breakfast Topic and it occurred to me that in my younger, more fool-hardy days taking the, ahem, occasional psychedelic drug there were certain rules to a more pleasant experience that might apply just as well to enjoying a PUG.

Our guild only has four members, so every run has to pick up one or more fellow travelers. I rather like it that way -being, as I am, a devout (if you can call it that) Discordian I prefer the added element of chaos a little unknown brings. A blessed kick in the ass from my goddess is a sure-fire sign of a good time, but a few rules procured from past drug experiences couldn’t hurt:

1.Fire is pretty but it burns. This rule should be self-evident, but it seems some people have as much trouble with this notion in a dungeon as a moron on a heroic-dose of shrooms has at a bonfire.

2. You are on drugs. This rule stands to remind the chemically-altered that a substance is coursing through their system that will run its course, whether we like it or not, and that it will pass. Try: You are in a PUG. One way or the other it will end; try to enjoy the ride.

3. No one knows unless you tell them. People only see two things -assuming they are not also on drugs, what they want to see and what you explicitly show or tell them. If you’re unsure about mechanics or confused about what your role in a group is: Ask questions. Likewise, if you possess superior knowledge: offer it…politely. I’ll freely admit I often have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll always ask someone (usually Osteo, truth be told), but nothing makes me want to reach through the interwebs and choke a mutha like obnoxious push-your-buttons this-way-moron-type unsolicited advice. (I once had an ass-hat in Tol Barad shout at me to spam DoTs for a solid five minutes while I was dealing with connectivity issues and my one-year-old daughters tugging at my lap.) Sometimes people have a damned-good reason to be doing it wrong.

4. Don’t Panic! Okay, that one is Douglass Adams, but it always seems pertinent, and the fourth rule of tripping was something like “Never trust a purple hippo sitting on a hill sipping wisdom from a straw”, and “Never trust a purple-laser-chicken sitting at a laptop spouting wisdom at the internet” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  1. To be sure, some PUGs are winners while you wonder how others manage to get up in the morning.
    I especially love when you queue up for a scenario and then the third person leaves from our 2P guild giving us Guild credit.

    Just as Rachel Hunter said in that Pantene commercial all those years ago, “it won’t happen overnight but it will happen”.

  2. I have no idea what will happen, but thanks for stopping by.

    And big ups to every PUG Disc Priest that ever leapt me out of the bad when I was dazed by the pretty lights of my own pew-pew.

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