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Did LFR Galaron need to be nerfed?

by on November 8, 2012


Well, True Believers, I had intended to title this post: “Is LFR Galaron Overtuned.”  While searching around for some relevant information I stumbled upon this gem.  So, it seems that Blizzard decided that the answer to that question was yes.  Still, the question remains; Was the nerf necessary?

Short Answer; No, with an if.

Long Answer; Yes, with a but.

No, Galaron was in no way too difficult for a 25 man group with the appropriate gear to defeat if executed properly.  If Blizzard’s intent for LFR is to have a legitimate difficulty curve than Garalon was pretty well balanced as the third boss in the second set of raids.  The major issue, to me, seems to be one of consistency.  Blizzard’s treatment of LFR seems to be based around the idea that as many as 12-15 raid members can be completely oblivious to encounter mechanics and still expect a chance at loot.  In a fight like Garalon this is nearly impossible to balance around because of the Crush mechanic.  With Crush the way it is one careless DPS can easily wipe a raid by incessantly drifting in and out of the target area and it seems like it could be impossible to heal through.  It would be the same if they left in the roll mechanic on LFR Spine of Deathwing.  Imagine the outcry that would have resulted, as if a million hunters all cried out at once and were silenced.

On the other hand, yes of course Garalon needed to be nerfed but the fundamental part of the nerf would have to prevent a random derp or derpette from causing a wipe by being unaware.  One thing to keep in mind is the “if” condition above.  If Blizzard intended to have a legitimate difficulty curve then Garalon was fine.  If DS is any indication, I am not convinced that Blizzard intended to have anything resembling a difficulty curve.  In which case this nerf should have happened well before this disaster went live.

Either way. if the nerf doesn’t trivialize this fight within a week or two a few more ilevels surely will.


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  1. gougey permalink

    Dude, we obviously had trouble with that fight because the tank had the wrong meta socketed and we’re horrible people who don’t deserve heals.

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