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Ooh, it tingles…

by on November 8, 2012

Panzerkin. Say it again. Panzerkin.

I cannot imagine anyone rolling a Boomkin could possibly fail to be intrigued by the notion of tanking in beasty-bird form. The name sells itself: Panzerkin.

It was a roller-coaster of emotions for me the day I stumbled upon ancient chatter about this now extinct hybrid monstrosity. An idle shuffling through wowwiki and there it was in all its glory, the most splendidly absurd concept: A Tanking Moonkin. Then I scrolled down the page. There was nowhere to scroll. There was nearly no information, and the few existing links were old or useless. Okay, roller-coaster is a weak amusement park analogy; it was more of a Drop Tower. I shot up, and I was dropped off a cliff. Panzerkin was not going to be my new way to do it wrong.

Very sad.

Then there was this little statement by Adam Holisky in The Queue:

Question: What do you think of hunters?

They always take my loot. Especially the agility weapons that I use to build my super secret hybrid tanking spec (thank Elune no one can see it). I need a few points of dodge from the agility, and I build threat with Moonfire. It’s fresh.

Is Pandaria also Jurassic Park? Can we resurrect the Panzerkin?

Hey, Osteo, I may need a primer on tanking…

  1. Dial: Step one, fall in love with mob crotch.

  2. gougey permalink

    Step two: roll a DK, Step three: roll face on keyboard, Step four: PROFIT!

    • Death Strike! Death Strike! Death Strike! DEATH STR…… Out of runes?! Rune Strike! Rune Strike! Ad nauseam.

  3. lol you all make me laugh ^^… =) Well, hunters, I used to love em, but I have gone off em pretty bad right now . =)

  4. Doretta Szulimowski permalink

    I like reading through a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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