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Blizzard facing legal action over their handling of Account Security.

by on November 10, 2012

Matt Reynolds of Courthouse News is reporting that Blizzard has come under fire for “consumer fraud, negligence and breach of contract.” The class action lawsuit hinges on the Plaintiff’s accusation that Blizzard was essentially playing fast and loose with account details. To make matters worse, the complaint asserts, Blizzard “tacked on” additional costs to users instead of addressing the supposed security issues in the form of authenticators.

  1. First impression is that this is complete bullshit. I have no legal expertise but it comes across as a money grab against Activision/ Blizzard.

  2. Dude, the link seems no good.

    My first impression mirrors your own…but I got hacked twice and, while my password is not the tightest, it is mosdef on the difficult side of moderate.

    • I think I fixed it. I left in two http:/s Jeez, it’s like fucking amateur hour around here.

      • The link works now, and that Aug 4 date is startlingly just before the last time I got hacked…*eyes Bliz with suspicion*

      • Also, dude, of course it’s amateur hour…are you gettin paid? I sure as shit ain’t.

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