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by on November 11, 2012

Are MMORPG’s addictive?

Addiction is a bull-shit word. It is a code-word for: your priorities are not aligned with the herd. If you are not obsessively attached to a number of things, be they concrete or abstract, you are probably dead…walking dead. Sure, maybe you’re zen or yogi with rubber cartilage and a rubber mind, but asceticism is just a herd-approved shadow of egotism, ironic narcissism. When a minority is large enough to frighten the majority, it reaches approved status, compromise. We compromise in order to share a reality, but its bend-don’t-break.

Compromise has another definition: weaken. The weakness we introduce in compromising to remain in the herd is another step toward breaking. The threat of breaking, we call addiction.

A bow when bent becomes stronger, its potential energy a danger. So long as gaming doesn’t make me weak, I will keep playing.

Sorry. Went bear there for a minute. Let me end this little bit of darkness by shining a light on some positive things I happen to like being addicted to: my wife, my kids, my friends and family, reading, writing, and amusement parks.

There I feel better.

Its just a game.

  1. gougey permalink

    Dude, your link…

  2. Fixed…I’m terrible at this.

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