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Geared for LFR yet?

by on November 14, 2012

Forgive me if I’m in no rush to join the clowder.


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  1. Brings up a good question. If the mute assassins were characters from this movie, who would be whom?

    Dial, you’re Nurse Ratchet.

  2. Fishing to be McMurphy?

    Why Ratched?

    Donegol is mosdef Harding.

  3. I mean anti-authoritarian pretending to be crazy to get off easier on statutory rape charges? I’ll say it before somebody else does: sounds kinda like me.

    Well…me ten years ago anyway.

  4. Gougey gets Chief and Taber.

  5. gougey permalink

    It’s been a while, so I don’t remember enough to pick my OFOTCN avatar, but I remember enough to say that Chief is spot on. I am totally in to mercy-murder-by-suffocation. I used to have like six brothers. Also I suck at basketball.

  6. gougey permalink

    Also… but but but… gear! How are you gonna get gear if you don’t get gear? You just need a little more gear to get the gear too! So close to better gear-getting gear!

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