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Big Tings Agwan

by on November 15, 2012

Any Chance this is legit?

  1. gougey permalink

    He talks about using heirlooms for the exp bonus until 86. I could have sworn I saw that the bonus stops when you ding 85. Also, 23k exp per turn in is brutal. I think I would rather level through questing than click one button for four hours.

  2. gougey permalink

    My math may be off because I’m stupid, but with two 16 plot farms (DK and Mage) and three 4 plot farms (Druid, Rogue, Hunter) it would take me five years to grow all the mats for this method.

    • Even if it is legit I can’t follow what this moron’s method actually entails….I call shenanigans

      • gougey permalink

        There’s a repeatable quest in Halfhill to turn in bundles of groceries (100 vegetables or 20 meat) that rewards 23k xp. No limit for turn ins, so with an obscene amount of groceries and a handy dandy macro you can level to 90 solely through that quest in about 4 hours. You’d also be able to afford a flippable table once you’re done. I’m an unfrozen caveman WoW player, so I don’t understand your mysterious “HTML” so no wowhead link for the table, but trust me, it’s boss hog.

  3. gougey permalink

    Last comment, promise. Obviously he’s not advocating literally farming all these mats, but considering I vendor BoEs and spend money like… uh… really fast, there’s no way I’d have 10k to spend.

    • Oh, I’m not saying I didn’t follow the premise…what I mean to say is that while the premise is not unbelievable on its own I find the post itself to be muddled and sensational in the manner of a bad self-help guru.

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