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Project Panzerkin: Symbiosis, Group Composition, and Other Caveats

by on November 15, 2012

If this thing is going to work, I have to be realistic. I’m not delusional or ignorant enough to think just queuing bear and saying, “Nah, I’m gonna tank this thing Moonbeast style,” is going to work or be acceptable behavior. No, this dream is going to rely heavily on peeps crazy enough to give it a go. To that effect, we need first look at some of the group composition requirements that might get this thing off the ground.

It all starts with that lovely new ability: Symbiosis. I am personally still trying to get used to this fun new wrinkle in an already unique variable rotation. If you’re like me and usually fly by the seat of your pants you probably haven’t even bothered to look at this (5.1 patch notes for changes to give but not get are here). If Space Chicken Tanking is going to get off the ground, we wannabe-Panzerkins will have to make good use of Symbiosis to either increase damage output or mitigate incoming damage.

So does Symbiosis give us what tanks crave? Let’s break it down:

Death Knight: Anti-Magic Shell with its 45 second CD is a great option for damage mitigation. The fact that a DK can handle a stray mob or two without taxing the healer is a fabulous bonus.

Hunter: There are a rare few that make being a Hunter look like an art, but considering Misdirection just ain’t gonna help me go Panzerkin, I’m throwing the whole class out. Go play with your pets, I’m busy.

Mage: Mirror Image would certainly increase Damage Done, but the 3 minute CD relegates most of its usefulness to boss fights. A Mage skilled at CC and disciplined in his pew-pew is a welcome addition to any party.

Monk: Grapple Weapon just might save your healers skin.

Paladin: Hammer of Justice…stuns are nice but I’ve already got Mighty Bash. Not that, like a DK, a Pally isn’t a useful safety valve for straying mobs, and Holy Pallies can heal me anytime.

Priest: Mass Dispel is not what I’m looking for, but I got nothing but love for their healz.

Rogue: Cloak of Shadows is a good mitigation option, and I’d be risking a Columbian neck-tie from the likes of my boy, Gougey, if I didn’t point out there’s more good CC to be had here.

Shaman: Much love to our resident healer, Donegol, but Purge just doesn’t have what I need.

Warlock: Always the shadow aspect of the Mage, Unending Resolve is another boss fight boost. Locks, with their minions, are a bit less squishy than Mages.

Warrior: Considering the ranged nature of the Panzerkin attack and the short 30 second CD on Intervene, an Intervene/Mighty Bash one-two punch is certainly workable, and Warriors are another class that shouldn’t tax the healer if they should pull a little threat.

And then there are mine own kind…

Considering the versatility and adaptability of the mess that is the Druid class, my people are a welcome addition to any party. Hell a whole party of Druids is always a good time, but considering my entire theory hinges on Symbiosis, I’d say a Druid majority is to be avoided.

I want to make it clear that I am turning the word and thus the concept, Panzerkin, on its head. The Panzer was a series of armored assault vehicles used as the vanguard of the German Blitzkrieg: lightning warfare. The question I am asking is: what if we looked at tanking from a new perspective? In blitzkrieg warfare, the assault strikes through the enemy and attacks predominately from the center and rear of enemy lines. If we looked at the tank as the predominate focus of the healer and orchestrator of pulls, but not necessarily the end-all-be-all threat generator or damage dealer, could we blaze through content with lightning speed?

Next time I’ll bang my head against the Talent Calculator and see what falls out.

Before ending this I’d like to thank the Guild of Mute Assassins in advance for aiding me in this experiment, and to anyone who happens to end up in a PUG with this crazy dreamer: If its not fun, you’re doin’ it wrong.

Its only a game.

  1. Um….. BARE durid is 4 tank mostly uh moonkin is 4 a spam moonfare.

  2. gougey permalink

    Kitty is 4 fite!

    John EFFIN Madden

    Ok I’m out of Druid memes.

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