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Project Panzerkin: I am the Operator of the Talent Calculator

by on November 24, 2012

Okay, here I go…

In some ways the new talent system is even more confusing to me than the old nightmare. I’m operating under the assumption that what’s good for the bear is good for the Panzer, with some reservations. Of course, what’s good for Space Chicken is not much different to begin with.

Tier 1: Feline Swiftness

I don’t see a ton of usefulness in this Tier. Displacer Beast looks like a great run-away-to-heal PvP talent, but going invisi-Kitty and dropping threat seems useless to a Tank. Using Wild Charge to jump and stun in bear form is certainly tempting, but Lazer Chickens get a Disengage-style bounce-back that I’m not so sure about, and I’m too lazy for all that shapeshifting. I’ll take the movement speed buff.

Tier 2: Nature’s Swiftness

Cenarion Ward is universally seen as a weak-ass talent. Being the lazy bastard that I am, Renewal and its 30% instant heal is a tempting choice, but Nature’s Swiftness makes Healing Touch and Rebirth instant cast which is a must while face-deep in monster crotch.

Tier 3: Mass Entanglement

Typhooning peeps off a cliff in PvP is a blast (sorry, bad pun), but knock-back in dungeons is rude and sloppy. Faerie Swarm’s slow is tempting, but in the end, I think Mass Entangle should make for cleaner pulls.

Tier 4: Soul of the Forrest

I always liked having Treants follow me around, but Force of Nature isn’t going to pad my deeps enough. The choice between Incarnation and SoF comes down to bursting dps versus a constant, passive damage buff. To quote Lao Tzu: Wei wu wei.

Tier 5: Mighty Bash

Ursol’s Vortex looks like fun, but I needs a stun. I was tempted by Disorienting Roar because it is multi-target, but disorient breaks on damage.

Tier 6: Heart of the Wild

The 6% primary stat boost is too much to pass up, especially considering the potential for mixed bag gearing in a mutant spec like Panzerkin.

These are my thoughts, just my thoughts…

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